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The key is managed services, which means real-time monitoring and management of your IT desktops and systems. When issues are detected, we take proactive and/or corrective actions to resolve them.

VMIT offers flexible managed IT services and IT system monitoring to meet your needs and budget. Managed services let you focus on your business instead of IT. And keep in mind: it’s less expensive than internal or reactive IT. Stay in control with a managed services solution.

We offer:
  • Flat monthly fee
  • Unlimited support
  • Live help desk
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Security patching
  • Anti-virus & anti-malware
  • SPAM management
  • Backup management

  • One call to VMIT about managed services, and it's the last time you'll worry about your company's IT services!

    Every day, hackers obtain valuable data and information from companies of every size. It's not only a problem for major corporations and government agencies. If you have sensitive information, you need to keep it safe and secure 24/7. In addition, you must to remain "online" at all times to ensure proper workflow and be prepared with a backup plan should disaster occur.

    Your business needs a comprehensive IT assessment and plan. The longer you wait, the more trouble you may encounter.

    Yes, we offer a wide range of dedicated services too - saas consulting, data science consulting, cloud consulting, IoT consulting, cybersecurity consulting, etc. Reach out to learn how exactly we can help in your case.

    We build out our services around the KPIs we create together with the client. These could be business-centered (return on assets, sales, etc.) or IT-centered (MTTR, availability, operating costs, etc.)

    Having over 4+ years of experience, we’ve successfully served companies in education, banking, automotive, healthcare, communications & media, manufacturing, consumer goods, retail, logistics & transportation, insurance and other industries.

    We offer a complete and full-cycle service. That means we do everything from conceptualizing to designing to prototyping to developing to maintaining and upgrading high-quality software products.

    You can involve us at any stage of software development: some clients hire us to help define and create new products, others - to tailor existing ones to particular business needs and enrich platforms’ functionality through incorporating new modules.

    We cover mobile app development (analysis, design, testing, deployment, and launch), web application development (flexible, custom solutions that run equally smoothly on all popular OSs), and full-cycle SaaS application development.

    Some clients hire us to enhance their capabilities, get specific skills, and speed up project delivery by only outsourcing certain functions, such as development or QA, while still carrying the bulk of the processes in-house. In other cases, we handle the project pipeline almost end-to-end (BA, QA, software development, PM, etc.) while sharing all the documentation with the client so they can constantly track deliverables and the overall progress.

    No. Our specialists, experienced as they are, will find a way to integrate into your specific engineering processes seamlessly and quickly as they most likely have worked on similar projects before. Also, we always make it our responsibility to adapt to your organization’s communication and collaboration methods and tune all the tools and the environment to make cooperation easy.

    We always employ and train specialists proficient in Python, Java, C++, Go, PHP, .NET, etc. Whatever your requirements are, we almost certainly have people ready to take on your project, who can fulfill them completely. So, on average, the team’s setup takes as little as a few weeks.

    The term is often used in reference to small changes enterprises make to stay relevant in the digital era, like putting services online, modernizing legacy platforms, and integrating, to some degree, digital technologies into processes; or it can mean a complete IT modernization (through cloud computing) and reinvention of operating models based on new and emerging technologies.

    Our experience shows that the key factors for success here include modifying processes to include digital technologies and creating integrator roles (people who translate and infuse new methods into existing processes) within the organization; redefining employees’ responsibilities to align them with the transformation goals; adding people who are proficient with digital technologies to the transformation top team; using digital tools to make data accessible across the organization.

    Absolutely, and that’s why VMIT’s R&D department is constantly testing new tech, seeking how to implement it in the safest ways possible. Our digital transformation consultants will help you pick tools that are both cutting-edge and well-tested. Besides, if necessary, we’ll assist your organization in the adoption of the latest, most robust risk management procedures as well.