IT Managment

Best Team for all

VMIT is a marketplace where you can hire "developers" On-Hourly and On-Demand Basis. VMIT team help Individuals, Startups and Enterprises to build their world-class Tech Products.

Developers On-Hourly

For Smaller Business

  • Hire our premium pool of experienced Tech Developers On-Hourly basis.
  • At Hourly Basis,We Provide Developers from 1 Hour Minimum to 180 Hours maximum.
  • Developer cost starts from 5$ Per Hour.
  • Strongly Recommend for short term hiring and for Short Projects.
  • The total estimation will be calculated based on Four Parameters: No. Of Hours * Years of Experience Of Developers * Technology Demanded by Client * Availability Of Developers
  • Client can Control Resources or else allows Appriffy Team to Control.
  • Dedicated team/Individual developers of various skill-set & domain.
  • Dedicated Pre-Screen Developers On-Hourly Basis.
  • Connect, Hire, Pay & Work.
  • NDA & IP Protection.
Developers On-Demand Recommend

For Top Business

  • A Dedicated team defines as a Factual Employment Set-up.
  • This model offers the benefits of Long-Standing Outsourcing along with an effectual and established team who works dedicatedly On-Site or Off-Site as per the client requirement.
  • We provide Trained Developers either for Contract Hiring, which is at least for Six months, or else Long-lasting Hiring and the commitment will be of 1 Year minimum.
  • Devoted Individual/Team works solely on projects as specified by Client.
  • These resources will work for you Five days a Week and Eight hours per day as per Market Standards.
  • Additional advantage to be derived here is that this model offers most reliably, which is required at the time of developing large projects with a greater amount of experience.
  • As we deliver developer on hire which functions as a devoted team for businesses. Client, in this case, can control the human and technical resources engaged in his project accomplishment.
  • We can shape and deploy a highly talented team of programmers, with the right infrastructure, Onsite/Offsite based on a client’s specific business needs.
  • VMIT will conduct the Interview for the developers in the presence of client.
  • Connect, Hire, Pay & Work.
  • NDA & IP Protection.
  • On-Site & Off-Site.
Developers On-Fixed Cost

For Growth Business

  • This engagement model is perfect for small or medium sized projects wherein the necessities are fixed and modifications to the scope of the project are not expected.
  • This selection works for clients who are anxious about development in distant projects, milestones-based payment agendas.
  • It helps validate payment based on achievable milestone and noticeable growth diminishes risks.
  • Fixed cost projects are for those that have fixed budget and timeline.
  • Connect, Hire, Pay & Work.
  • NDA & IP Protection.
  • On-Site & Off-Site.